Buriram Hemp Festival The total amount is almost 10 million baht. The seedlings – all gone.

360 degree cannabis expo ” Unlock marijuana What do people get?” held over 3 days in Buriram More than 66,000 people attended the event, more than 200,000 people viewed online. The cash flow from the sale of hemp-containing products, marijuana at the event was nearly 10 million baht. But it also emphasizes on educating people on the safe and appropriate use of marijuana. On June 13, 2022, reporters reported that According to information from the Buriram Provincial Public Health Office. It was found that throughout the event “360 degree expo, unlock marijuana, what people get” which was held at the Chang International Circuit. Buriram Province for 3 days, which is June 10-12, 2022. In the past, 66,888 people attended the event and 218,790 viewed via online system. And a total of 285,678 people online. or various products Containing hemp, cannabis, the private sector, community enterprise groups Sold at the event for nearly 10 million baht, especially cannabis seedlings that have received a lot of attention from people who will be planting them in their households. Whether it’s from the Department of Agriculture that is distributed free of charge 1,000 plants, including those in the private sector. and community enterprises to be sold at the event is not enough to meet the demand especially of the Department of Agriculture There have been many people reporting the need for cannabis seedlings to register.

According to the information from the Public Health Office, Buriram Province, there are currently no people who have had side effects from marijuana use in the area. whether medical or to take care of your own health in any way However, public health is focused on educating people on how to use cannabis safely and appropriately. After unlocking the ability to grow cannabis in the household to take care of yourself. without encouraging recreational smoking or entertainment Because it is not good for health.

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