“CANNABIZ WAY” into a cannabis business for full economy, highlighting “agricultural innovation” to increase quality hemp production with the highest CBD content.

Cannabiz Way Co., Ltd. (CANNABIZ WAY CO., LTD.) step into the hemp business for the full economy. By focusing on the development of integrated planting innovations to be the “upstream” that is important to feed the highest quality hemp with the highest CBD content into the health market, including food, supplements, beverages, cosmetics and pure CBD oil that is in demand in the whole market. domestic and foreign

At present, Cannabiz Way Co., Ltd. has jointly developed a comprehensive innovation of quality hemp cultivation with Naresuan University. by researching and developing innovative planting solutions that respond to all types of cannabis-cannabis cultivation Both domestic and imported species To have a high yield and an important substance is high CBD as well. Able to control all aspects of production factors, including light, temperature, humidity, watering and fertilizing. and pest control systems It is a mobile planting system that can be planted in all areas and in all weather conditions. controlled by system “Smart Agriculture” can automatically determine and control the factors in the cultivation of cannabis-marijuana. to create a truly agricultural economy

Cannabiz Way Company Limited was founded by Mr. Unarin Kitpaiboonthawee or known by many people as “Cannabis Angel” made a program promoting hemp, a cash crop to be known through media channels. full of experience and knowledge in integrated agriculture This has proven its success through the creation of the brand of cordyceps “Megara”, planting, processing, and distributing the true golden cordyceps until they are widely known. regarded as the first person that operates 100% genuine cordyceps in Thailand And now the body of knowledge has been applied to expand the business of hemp for the full economy again.

Khun Unarin revealed that “who became interested in the hemp business because of the benefits of an important active ingredient called CBD (Cannabidiol), which is an important neurotransmitter that benefits both humans and animals. It can be used as an ingredient in dietary supplements, foods, beverages, cosmetics and medicines. The CBD in hemp and hemp is internationally recognized and supported by numerous studies to help with relaxation. help to sleep well Rejuvenate and take good care of your body. We therefore strive to develop hemp with the highest CBD content for health and economic benefits. At present, we have partners who are ready to buy unlimited quality raw materials, both KTDM Company Limited and JSP Industrial Pharmacy Company Limited that do OEM supplementary extraction and production plants.

Currently, Cannabiz Way Company Limited has built a “CBD Agro-Tech Center” on an area of ​​​​over 36 rai, the largest Green House for hemp cultivation in Southeast Asia with an area of ​​9,000 sq m. planting “Smart Agriculture” that can control light, air, temperature, humidity, fertilizer, water, as well as a comprehensive insect repellent system. That can grow 500,000 hemp and cannabis plants throughout the year. This “CBD Agro-Tech Center” will be a comprehensive research and development center for cannabis and cannabis cultivation systems that are high CBD.

Ready to open to people interested in the hemp business for economics to visit. and join hands as a business alliance To jointly build a sustainable hemp and cannabis market

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