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Rayong Hospital Cannabis Clinic

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  • Medical cannabis prescriptions
  • THC-oil
  • CBD-oil
Rayong Hospital
  • Rayong Hospital Rayong Hospital is a 555-bed hospital located in the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Health. Ministry of Public Health The location Built on the land of Wat Pa Pradu (Which is a mineral area) No. 138 Sukhumvit Road, Tha Pradu Subdistrict, Mueang District, Rayong Province(With an area of ​​approximately 26 rai), this land was originally the location of Wat Chanthayudom. Which the villagers call “Shad Temple”. Later, the abandoned temple is under the responsibility of Wat Pa Pradu
  • The Archbishop of Rayong at that time gave this land to Rayong Hospital to govern and use.Useful in treating patients for treatment
  • Nurse in hospital When building the first hospital It appears that there are still churches, chapels and pagodas. But later these things were deteriorated, broken and almost completely demolished, still remaining. Only the pagoda can still be seen today.
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