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By amending its laws, Thailand became the first far-east country to join the list of nations that legalized medical cannabis. The decriminalization is limited to the research and development under license from public institutions and consumption with a medical certificate.

Under the new law, people with health conditions can consume medical marijuana to treat their symptoms. Their access to the newly lawful drug is conditional to producing a prescription by a properly licensed medical practitioner. The new legislation also specifies that patients cannot exceed and carry on person from the specified physician amount. The new law is all set create a new vibrant industry in the country and has wider implications that are discussed below.

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Despite being illegal for decades, marijuana is now legal in Thailand as of 9th June 2022. And while this may come as a surprise to some, the recent change in legislation is part of a broader trend toward the decriminalization of cannabis use around the world. In addition to Thailand, countries such as Canada, Uruguay, and several US states have legalized weed in recent years.

Of course, just because smoking weed is now legal in Thailand doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some restrictions in place. For instance, it’s important to note that smoking in public places is still illegal and can result in a fine of THB 25,000 or up to three years in prison. So if you’re planning on indulging, be sure to do so in a private setting. Additionally, driving while under the influence of marijuana is also against the law and could lead to severe penalties.

With that said, the recent legalization of weed in Thailand is a cause for celebration for many people. It offers a new opportunity for recreation and relaxation and could boost the country’s economy by creating new jobs and generating tax revenue. So whether you’re a longtime cannabis user or simply curious about trying it, check out one of the many new dispensaries that have popped up around Thailand.

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