Government pushes cannabis-marijuana to revive the economy

(Watch the news clip below) Ministry of Public Health Pushing community enterprises to grow hemp and cannabis to drive the basic economy Emphasize this as an opportunity for both small and large, after the market in ’67 will be worth up to 21 billion baht, according to the report.

To unlock Hemp and marijuana out of drugs of the Ministry of Health. to be used for medical purposes And can produce food and beverages, it is expected that the cannabis market in Thailand by 2024 will be worth up to 21 billion baht and can also help the community economy to generate additional income from the grouping of community enterprises. Permit to grow cannabis

Satit Pitutecha, deputy health minister, said more than 100 community enterprises had applied for permission to grow cannabis, and more than half had been approved to grow cannabis in accordance with the established criteria. This will help generate income for community enterprises. Because cannabis is a new economic crop. There are many opportunities for growth. The government’s goal is to make Thailand a base for hemp and cannabis. and when Thailand opens the country in October Will allow foreign tourists to gradually come in, and within the next 2-3 years there will be hotels and spas that use cannabis products. It is an opportunity for both small and large entrepreneurs. In addition, the Ministry of Public Health will encourage hemp to be cultivated instead of maize. to reduce PM 2.5 dust, which is the next plan. Watcharot Chaiphidej, Chairman of the Board Song Tara Herbal Community Enterprise Network, Nakhon Phanom Province, has identified 5 community enterprises participating in cannabis cultivation. Has made an MOU with a private company to grow and send cannabis to extract CBD in cannabis. The price that community enterprises can sell from the private sector is 6 thousand baht/cannabis plant. Community Enterprise Cannabis Cultivation considered to generate income for farmers Therefore, many community enterprises are interested in applying for permission to plant. because it sells for a good price Importantly, the income from growing cannabis can pay off more debt to households than any other plant at the moment.


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