Launched another company, “Cannabiz Way”, hoping to share its business with hemp.

The famous Cordyceps business executive launches a new company, “Cannabiz Way”, joins another full-fledged cannabis-related business by joining hands with Naresuan University to highlight agricultural innovations from upstream. Ms. Unarin Kitphaiboonthawee, executive of Cannabiz Way Company Limited, said that the company has stepped into the hemp business. for full economy Focus on the development of integrated planting innovation to feed water Quality hemp containing CBD (Cannabidiol) enters the health market, including food, nutritional supplements, beverages, cosmetics and pure CBD oil , which is in demand. both domestic and international markets.

At present, the company has jointly developed innovations in growing quality hemp with Naresuan University. There are research and development innovations in the cultivation of cannabis – cannabis of all species. Both domestic and foreign species to have high yields and high CBD content as well, which can control all aspects of production, including light, temperature, humidity, watering, fertilizing and insect repellent systems. plant is a mobile planting system Can be planted in all areas and all weather conditions. which is controlled by an intelligent agricultural system Able to define and control auto planting factors. Create agriculture to truly economic agriculture.

Ms. Unarin continued that Cannabiz Way Company Limited was founded by Ms. Unarin. by producing a promotional program for hemp, hemp, economic crops through the media Experience and knowledge in integrated agriculture That has proven successful from the latest branding business of Cordyceps Megara, bringing the business experience to further in the hemp business for economic purposes again. However, interested in the hemp business because of the benefits of an important active ingredient called CBD. as an ingredient in various products Internationally recognized and supported by research

For the current company has partners ready to buy raw materials and has built a center on an area of ​​36 rai, planting hemp, the largest in Southeast Asia, totaling an area of ​​9,000 square meters, using smart farming technology that can control light, air, temperature, humidity, fertilizer, water, as well as an insect repellent system. It is expected that 500,000 cannabis and cannabis plants can be planted throughout the year, as well as being a research and development center for hemp and cannabis cultivation systems to obtain a full range of high CBD substances, ready to open to individuals interested in the hemp business for the economy to enter. Watch and join hands as a business partner.

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