Marijuana: 9 June. Give away 1 million seedlings. Can I smoke it for conversation? Things you should know before “unlocking”

From June 9, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will remove cannabis-hemp plants. out of the list of category 5 drugs and let every house be planted without permission But this is also for medical and health care use only.

This improvement will allow anyone to grow marijuana for free. But there are still some restrictions that keep activists on the free cannabis law. And most users see that unlocking this time is not yet possible. Like other countries that have passed similar laws.

Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister gave an interview on May 31, 2022 after the meeting Discuss with relevant agencies to prepare for the Ministry of Public Health’s announcement. The release of cannabis from being a category 5 drug, effective June 9, that cannabis can be planted. Ready to admit that when starting to use this announcement may be a problem Because if it’s a leaf, it doesn’t matter. But if it’s a bouquet or flower, it can’t be done. The Ministry of Public Health will have to control because there is already a law to control bouquets – flowers.

BBC Thai collects 5 interesting facts about “Unlocking marijuana” that will start having great effects. Use it on June 9th. Here we go.

1. It can only be used for health promotion purposes.

On May 19, a memorandum of cooperation for the use of medicinal cannabis and research was signed between the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health. and the Department of Agriculture

by the Department of Agriculture has developed 1 million hemp seedlings for distribution to the people to plant in the household To provide medical, health and culinary benefits

However, recreational use is not yet permitted. by smoking marijuana for recreational purposes If there is a sight or complaint Smokers will face a prison term of not more than one month or a fine of not more than 2,000 baht under the Public Health Act. The new law states that Police officers must have a search warrant. unless there is reason to believe that if the waiting period is warranted for the manipulation, concealment or destruction of evidence relating to the commission of the offence; Officers can search without a warrant.

This unlock includes allowing cannabis and hemp to be used as ingredients in food products. and cosmetics But there is a prohibition against importing from abroad. Except in the case of using only the body that passengers traveling into the Kingdom bring with them only.

2. Give away 1 million cannabis seedlings

Rapeepat Chantharasriwong, director-general of the Department of Agriculture, said on May 19 after signing a memorandum of agreement that 1 million cannabis seedlings will be distributed. It is a total of 10 Thai varieties, which will start giving away 1,000 plants as previously requested by the FDA in the “360 Degree Exposure, Unlock Marijuana, What People Get” will be held between June 10-12, 2022 at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province

The next phase of the cannabis distribution is still under discussion on what conditions will be met and how it will go through the process. for the people Farmers have access to the seedlings. Initially, it may be through an application, notifying the FDA, or through the mechanism of the local administrative organization (DOT) for convenience for farmers.

3. How to get free cannabis seedlings?

Dr. Withit Saritichaikul, Deputy Secretary-General of the FDA said during the press conference of the event “360 degree expo, unlock marijuana, what people get” in Buriram province on May 20 that the event in This time for the public and entrepreneurs Get to know the uses of the cannabis plant. Later unlocked from drugs as medicinal plants. properly

Dr. Witit explained during the press conference that Those who wish to receive free cannabis seedlings must register through an app called “Grow Cannabis” or “Plook Ganja”.

Those who are interested can take notice via the said application from June 9. In the event, there will be staff waiting to receive notification service within the event. Those who are interested can only hold a single ID card to request for information. The applicant must be 20 years old or older.

People who registered for planting in the household All parts of the cannabis plant can be used for self-health care. But Dr. Witit also added that this unlock does not allow cannabis to be used to make extracts with concentrations of THC or substances that cause motion sickness more than 0.2%.

The parts that can be used illegally include:

  • CBD or THC extracts that do not exceed 0.2%
  • leaves with no tops and flowers attached
  • Bark, stem, fibers, branches and roots
  • Hemp seeds It is made from hemp seeds and hemp extract.

4. How has the law to unlock marijuana changed?

Government Gazette Issued an announcement of the Ministry of Public Health, dated 8 Feb. 2022, regarding specifying drug names. The punishment of category V states that the following names of narcotics are narcotics of category V under the Narcotics Code.

  • opium plant
  • Prickly pear mushrooms or Prickly pear mushrooms
  • Extracts from all parts of the cannabis or hemp plant. which is a plant in the genus Cannabis

In the announcement, it stated that the following extracts were excluded.

  • Extract containing tetrahydrocannabnol (tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC) not more than 0.2%, only licensed to extract from domestically grown cannabis or hemp plants.
  • Extract from the seeds of the hemp or hemp plant. obtained from domestic cultivation

This notification shall come into effect after 120 days from the date of its publication in the Government Gazette, which corresponds to 9 June 2022.

5. Some users think who will benefit.

Santi Poksub or “Max Privyim”, deputy leader of the “Green Party”, a cannabis movement. and page admin “For the patient” told the BBC Thai that the unlock this time seems that the beneficiary is the “capital” rather than the real user.

“In the end, the people who benefit are the business sector. Look at the previously unlocked huts. The person who smoked was caught. which such laws are more beneficial for exporters I think marijuana is no different,” Santi noted.

“Actually, marijuana unlocking laws allow patients to grow and use them. But if it’s really unlocked, everyone must be able to smoke. But if recreational smokers are still illegal, this is not a real unlock.”

however As an educator in both recreational and medical applications Santi thinks this is an important step for Thailand. That moves forward on a par with other countries that have previously passed free cannabis laws.

“I think there’s only one other point that governments have to do is make marijuana accessible to everyone. Anyone can plant If the government wants to register users I think everyone who is using it is ready. Although this unlock has not reached the point we want. But this is a good vision, even though it’s not 100%.”

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