The Government Gazette publishes the announcement. The Ministry of Health has made cannabis a controlled herb. Do not sell to people under 20 years old – pregnant people.

considering that Cannabis is an herb that is worth studying or researching. economically important for the benefit of protecting and promoting sustainable use

By virtue of Section 4, Section 44, Section 43 (3) and (5) of the Act on Promotion and Protection of Thai Traditional Medicine Knowledge, B.E. 2542, Minister of Public Health by the advice of the Committee on Protection and Promotion of Thai Traditional Medicine Wisdom therefore issued the following announcement:

Article 1, cannabis or cannabis extracts, which are plants in the family Cannabis (Cannabis) is a controlled herb.

Article 2 allows people over the age of 20 to be able to possess, use, take care of, store, move and distribute the controlled herbs under item 1, except for the following uses.

(1) Public use by smoking
(2)Usage in pregnant or lactating women
(3) Distribution to persons under 20 years of age, pregnant women or lactating women

. Thai traditional medicine practitioner Practitioner of applied Thai traditional medicine practitioner in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and folk healers according to the law on Thai traditional medicine professions able to make use of the controlled herbs under item 1 for their patients;

Article 4, patients under item 3 are allowed to possess, move, take care of, store, use them in the amount paid for their utilization. for thirty days

. Clause 5 This Notification shall come into force from the day following the date of its publication in the Government Gazette.

Announced on 16 June 2022.”

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