ESG unveils a 3-year plan to pin 5,000 rai

Hemp cannabis market is still booming, ESG moves forward with cannabis leadership strategy Covering upstream to downstream, starting Oct. Planting 200 rai, expected Jan. 65, processing products to serve the Thai-international market, aiming for 3 years, joining hands with partners to plant 5,000 rai of hemp cannabis.

On August 31, 2021, Mr. Thanisorn Boonsung, Chief Executive Officer of Eastern Spectrum Group Company Limited or ESG, who grows, extracts and processes hemp cannabis plants, revealed that ESG is currently moving forward in the hemp market. Create a leadership in the industry by positioning itself in terms of planting, extraction, processing and production covering upstream to downstream 

To further push cannabis and hemp plants into other industries such as medicine, cosmetics, food, beverages, clothing, which are all large markets. and has a high potential for growth Because both plants have good properties in many aspects and can be used in many industries, such as reducing inflammation, adding moisture to the skin. Used to make plant protein bases. Or even some of the hemp itself can be used in the textile industry as well.

Initially, ESG has taken the company’s area. Ratchaburi Prepare to plant 200 rai of hemp from the total area of ​​580 rai. The remaining area is gradually applying for permission. It will start planting in Oct. 64 and it is expected that various types of produce will be available to the market around Jan. 65.

The three-year growth plan from now will accelerate the expansion of cannabis and hemp production bases to cover 5,000 rai, both within ESG’s own land area and in cooperation with smallholder farmers. as well as community enterprises in the hopes of supplying cannabis hemp products to the domestic market and the national market

“It is estimated that if planting at full potential it should have a production capacity of 90,000 kg / year and extraction of CBD around 3 tons / year. Dried and cannabis extractors in the investment budget of not less than 10 million baht each. The production capacity of the factory in the ratio per day will be divided into Dried cannabis hemp 21,760 kg/day and extraction of CBD 1,000 kg/day, the harvest is 271 rai/day. This potential is believed to be sufficient to meet the demand in both domestic and international markets.”

In the past, the company There have been discussions with many agencies, organizations, both general companies and companies listed on the stock exchange, about jointly extending the product. Most of them are still in the beverage category. and cosmetics As for the pharmaceutical group, there is still not much. The company in foreign countries has contacted and discussed the production capacity initially as well. 

In addition, in order to create more growth, the Company has collaborated with the government, a network of universities, including Maejo University. and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Ladkrabang for research and development of cannabis-cannabis strains and build on in obtaining a license to import cannabis seeds as the first in Thailand to increase the capacity of being a leader in the Thai cannabis industry

Asst. Prof. Dr. Preeda Nathewet, Chief Genetics Researcher Maejo University said that collaborating with ESG, Mae Jo University will do research and development of hemp and cannabis strains. which has now begun research on the genetic modification of female hemp plants to be sterile. In order to prevent cross-breeding in nearby cultivation, the cannabis-cannabis plant is imported from abroad with high CBD content and THC content between 0.3 and not more than 1% into the country.

While Asst. Prof. Dr. Chutima Ruangutmanan Researchers and experts in the cannabis and hemp plants business. Mahasarakham University states that now the marijuana and hemp market in Thailand, although it has only recently started but has a good growth trend It is estimated that the total market value of cannabis and hemp in Thailand in the last 5 years or around the year ’68 will be more than 15 billion baht. However, if the Thai law is more open. This will make the supply more in line with the domestic demand. This will definitely make this market grow.

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